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What is PROMOstat®

Promotion is now a key factor in marketing: all major retailers are increasingly using promotion to support and improve sales.
Market research shows that last year promotions achieved more than 30% of the total sales of all durable goods (Consumer Electronics, Major and Small Domestic Appliances, IT and Photo products).
Flyers, newspaper and magazine advertising are the new "shop window", where an ever-increasing number of products are offered to consumers at special prices (so as to turn on their interest and stimulate the purchase).
Moreover, such a combination of initiatives, as well as its astonishing success makes promotion a complex event, increasingly difficult to fully comprehend. A control tool allowing a complete, prompt and easy to read picture is a need widely expressed by many Producers and Retailers.
PROMOstat is the right answer.

PROMOstat is the ingenious service providing a complete, real-time picture of promotional offers.
Thanks to online access, the customer can make use of the service with virtually no time and location limit, gaining access to data collected and processed by the underlying software.
PROMOstat monitors all promotions concerning durable goods broadcasted via folder, flyer, web (e-commerce) and newspapers.
PROMOstat allows the user to perform targeted analyses, for study and printing at any level: from a single product of a specific store up to the entirety of promotions, of all the retailers, in a selected time range and designated geographical area.
Everything is accessible online, anywhere, anytime, with up to the minute data in real-time: In fact PROMOstat is based on a continuous coverage, not on a fixed-date sampling.